Decorate Without Damaging Your Apartment

Do you want to decorate without damaging your apartment? There are many ways to personalize your apartment without sacrificing your security deposit. Let us show you how!

Find a Fun Theme

Before you go out and buy a ton of decorations, find a fun theme. Pick a theme you can use throughout your entire apartment.

When your whole apartment has the same theme, the consistency will provide an aesthetically appealing “flow.”

Become a Plant Parent

Plants are some of the best decorations. Aside from being an easy way to decorate without damaging your apartment, they purify the air!

Plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, so pick up a plant for your next decoration. Pro tip: Get fake ones if you’re too busy to take care of plants.

String Lights Offer Options

String lights are cheap and give you lighting choices. If your lamps just aren’t setting the mood you seek, string lights will offer gentle light to make any space feel cozy.

Likewise, it’s easy to find string lights that match your design theme.

Don’t Live with Lifeless Walls

Walls provide tons of vertical space to express yourself! Contrary to popular belief, you can decorate your walls without damaging your apartment.

Use no-nail and no-screw hooks like opens in a new windowthese created by Command to hang art and photographs.

Make Hard Floors Soft with a Rug or Carpet

Hard floors are incredibly easy to clean, but they aren’t the snuggest. Throwdown a large area rug or carpet to soften up your hard floors.

Similarly, you can use a rug or carpet as a contrasting focal point to make your design theme “pop.”

Always Use See-Through Storage

Nothing is worse than rummaging through bin after bin because you can’t find what you need. Transparent storage containers let you see what’s inside to remove the guesswork of locating an item.

Remember, how you organize affects how much space you have to decorate, so organize efficiently to leave room for cool decorations!

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